Why do I need Home Owners Warranty Insurance?

The Home Warranty Insurance Scheme was established under the home building act in 1989 and commenced on 1 May 1997. The scheme provides for home owners against defective and incomplete work and covers subsequent owners against defects. A certificate of insurance must be given to the customer before commencement of any work over $20,000.  Please enquire with the Department of Fair Trading for further information regarding Home Owners Warranty Insurance.

Whats the difference between a patio and a pergola?

A pergola is a structure without a solid roof. It can be left open ( an open pergola) or it can be
covered with the material of your choice such as shade cloth or shade blades. You may also choose to grow a vine over this structure.

A patio is a structure with a solid roof. The roof-line on patios can be either flat, hipped or gabled.
No matter whether it is a pergola, patio or verandah, Lifestyle Patios will understand your needs, and design the best structure around no matter you call it.

Whats the difference between a flat roof and and gable or pitched roof?

Flat roof is exactly that. the roof line is predominately flat with a slight fall or rake to it. A gable has two sides which meet at the top to form a peak. You can combine flat with gable in many different combinations.

Do you have a builders license?

Yes, we hold a full builders license. The means that we are licensed to do more detailed and sophisticated work like removing eaves cutting into existing roof lines etc. we recommend that you check out any tradespersons license at the Department Of Fair Trading website. Make sure you only choose trades people who hold the necessary licenses to perform the work you require.

Can you build houses or do home renovations?

All our our tradesman here at Lifestyle patios are fully qualified. We have the capabilities of building houses
and attending to home renovations, however we choose not to as we want to be the best at designing and constructing patios.

Does my job need to go to council?

You should check this with your relevant council as all councils vary on the minimum roof areas etc. Some rural properties are exempt. You can usually visit your Council’s website to find out. We can attend to this on your behalf should you so desire.

Should I lay my slab before you build my patio?

The ideal situation for us is the build your structure and put your posts into concrete footings, this then leaves the are underneath free and clear for your plumber to run the pipes to take away your storm water. Once these pipes have been installed the concreter can then box your slab and make sure that it follows the perimeter of your patio perfectly. Always ensure that your concreter surrounds the posts with plastic that they remain new and shiny.

Do I need to arrange other trades?

That is entirely up to you. If you would like to use your own plumber, electrician or pavers that is fine. Should you require assistance finding a reputable tradesperson, we can assist.

Will your design assistant bombard me with technical jargon I dont understand?

When it comes to designing patios we are the best in our field. We will answer any questions. If you want to go examine the engineering or just check out the colours, we pride ourselves on being able to sense this and not give you information you do not want and be able to provide the right answers that you need.

Will your Design Assistant “harass” me for the order?

We are serious about what we do. If you decide you really want to work through a project we will treat you with the utmost respect, we will answer all questions and help to design to fit into your budget as well as incorporating ideas that you have. We are not into a “quick quote” and then badgering people until they sign. When you make the decision to team up with us to solve your outdoor living requirements we work with you. Should you decide that you do not wish to proceed at this time, please let us know and we will make your file inactive and you will not hear from us again, unless you decide to revisit us. After we present a proposal to you, of course we will follow up with a phone call, but after that time you will not hear from us. We will never give your details to any other Company or entity. Your privacy is assured.