Who We Are

Lifestyle Patios is a family owned and operated business specialising in the design and construction of all types of patios, decks, screened and glass enclosures.

Our showroom was opened in June 2003 and we have been designing and building great home additions throughout the Riverina ever since.

Lifestyle Patios was brought into being to cater for the increasing focus on lifestyle. Contemporary lifestyle has meant more recreation time is enjoyed at home. More family gatherings, more socialising and more entertaining at home requires more of your existing home. Lifestyle Patios is dedicated to providing for this new Lifestyle!

Our jingle captures this succinctly; “More Room, More View, More fun things to do with a Lifestyle Patio”

Our dedication to enhancing your lifestyle means providing greater choices and we pride ourselves on being able to offer the widest range of choice available. We are not a franchise. We are independent and therefore not bound to a single manufacturer’s product offering. We use and recommend the products best suited to your taste, your style and budget. We don’t flog the same old wares.

For many their choice would be a flat patio which offers a great space to put the BBQ and entertain friends. A new version of this classic patio incorporates an insulated roof with stylish ceiling, that has many colour options and provides huge thermal benefits.

If you are looking to capitalise on the views and property value then a spacious elevated deck with a combination of flat and gable roofs may be your preferred choice. We can also incorporate curved gables, remotely operated opening and closing roofs, open pergolas and shade blades (fixed louvres).

All our Indoor/Outdoor living solutions are designed with detailed knowledge of council regulations and local conditions to ensure the construction process is fast and problem free.

It is our attention to the small things and our desire to achieve the best possible outcome for you that really distinguishes our service.